Efficient vending machines & services adapted to meet our clients’ needs

Logimatiq système

Smart vending machines for your company

Logimatiq Système has made innovation its driving force. We specialise in the design and sale of smart vending machines. They can be adapted to all types of products and services. If you have a specific request, we can also customise vending machines to meet your requirements. Opting for our machines is the guarantee of:

  • Efficient dispensing systems;

  • Connected management based on innovative software;

  • Quality service and support.

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Combining the power of the cloud and 4G

High-performance management software

Secure access to the machine independently of the company network, and no installation of the software required. Unlimited number of accesses – simply connect via your Internet browser and sign in with your personal username and password. The software also allows you to manage your entire network of machines. Very easy and intuitive to use, with numerous features.

  • Consumption reports, Excel exports
  • Automatic out-of-stock alerts, restocking
  • Setting up of permissions, standard employee profiles and desired quotas
  • Real-time inventory
  • Consumption history
  • List of items to be restocked
  • Connects automatically to your ERP, export of consumption, integration of pick-ups and returns, assignment changes

Recognised expertise for over 25 years

A dedicated team

  • Set up the machine;
  • Integrate essential data for optimal management;
  • Train you to use the management software;
  • Provide telephone assistance;
  • Provide remote maintenance via the GSM network; 
  • Perform rapid troubleshooting.

We have established a highly reactive after-sales service in France to ensure the greatest satisfaction for our clients.


For over 25 years

Dedicated team

For 25 years, our team has designed customised automated vending machines and played an active role in your company’s development. Logimatiq Système is comprised of three teams dedicated to innovation and meeting your specific needs : A sales team, attentive to your requirements and specifications, An assembly team, which installs your vending machine and ensure it works properly, A technical and after-sales team, expert in engineering and responsible for guaranteeing the quality and technical support for your software throughout our collaboration.


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