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Smart vending machines

Are you a professional looking for a smart vending machine?

For 25 years Logimatiq Système has been designing, manufacturing and delivering customised vending machines for all types of products and services.
Logimatiq Système vending machines
Whether you want to dispense industrial supplies to your employees, install automated “Click & Collect” lockers for your business or have any other need, Logimatiq Système meets your specifications. We deliver and install sophisticated automated vending machines for:
  • Offices and businesses;
  • Shops and industries;
  • Public buildings;
  • Start-ups and coworking spaces;
We are based near Lyon in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, and operate on a national and international scale.
Optimising logistics costs

Automated machines designed to meet your needs

We understand that a company’s profitability depends heavily on the optimisation of logistics costs. That’s why we have developed a range of smart vending machines to meet the specific needs of businesses. Each vending machine allows you to store and dispense products, tools, industrial equipment and supplies that are essential to your operations.

With numerous benefits:

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly consumption;
  • Automated inventory;
  • Controlled stocks;
  • Loss control;
  • Time saving in staff movements;
  • Financial savings in the storage of equipment and materials;
  • Easy to use.

Automated machines provide excellent profitability and a clear competitive advantage. Every step in the supply chain is optimised. The dispensing machines can be adapted to the company’s requirements and customised upon request. Simply put, we adapt the container to your content. Whatever your needs, we’ll make it happen.


Equipped with powerful management software

Innovative and smart vending machines

Our vending machines are equipped with advanced technology to meet your requirements.

Our machines come with built-in innovative software to ensure functional and intuitive management.

The software does not require any special installation on your servers. It works independently from your company’s network, only with a simple Internet connection.

The use of high-performance software saves a considerable amount of time and provides real-time visibility in terms of consumption as well as an effective means of managing inventory and replenishment.


Made in France technology and after-sales service

Our smart vending machines are tailor-made in France

Choosing a Logimatiq Système smart vending machine is the guarantee of French know-how and quality production.

Logimatiq Système has three dedicated teams: the assembly workshop, the technical and after-sales team, and the sales team.

In order to ensure the proper functioning of our equipment, our technicians are at your service to:

  • Set up the machine;
  • Integrate essential data for optimal management;
  • Train you to use the management software;
  • Provide telephone assistance;
  • Provide remote maintenance via the GSM network; 
  • Perform rapid troubleshooting.

We have established a highly reactive after-sales service in France to ensure the greatest satisfaction for our clients.

Let’s discuss your needs.

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