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Are you looking for an efficient solution to manage your company’s inventory and reduce consumption in an economical and environmentally friendly way?

We manufacture smart automated vending machines in France (and deliver them wherever you are), capable of providing all types of products to your employees and/or your customers.

Find the right Logimatiq Système automated vending machine for you needs...

Automated vending machine for personal protective equipment

You want to optimize your logistics costs by offering your employees an automatic distribution system for all their work equipment and all the personal protection accessories necessary for their safety (mask, hard hat, safety shoes, etc.). Make your PPE 100% available 24/7. Thanks to this Logimatiq System PPE vending machine, control your budgets and control all accesses. In the event of low stock levels, take advantage of product distribution alerts to replenish your machine.

Thanks to a modular distribution, spires, rack, choose the model which corresponds to you according to a volume, forms and weight. Thanks to a powerful management software, you will be able to manage your consumption, the filling, the loans and returns of your PPE. Efficient and ecologically friendly, the Logimatiq Systèmes automatic dispensers allow you to distribute your personal protective equipment but also allows you to trace them. In the form of a rotating cabinet, you can install your vending machine even in establishments that do not have much space.

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Vending machine for consumables and tools

You want to optimize your logistics costs by offering your employees an automatic distribution system for all your consumables and tools. Thanks to Logimatiq Système's intelligent vending machine, you can access your consumables & tools at any time. Available with many options, 100% modular, it is your ally in storage, automatic distribution 24 hours a day & traceability management...

On all your production sites, the installation of an vending TOOLMAT machine makes your consumables accessible, no more time-consuming displacements..... Moreover, optimize directly their consumption and their uses thanks to a management system of your tools. Be informed automatically via alerts in case of non-return. Take advantage of the automatic consignment & follow your stock thanks to a powerful follow-up & management software.

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Click & Collect

Automatic parcel dispenser for all your orders

You wish to set up an automatic parcel dispenser for your customers, so that they can in perfect autonomy, recover their parcels 24 hours a day and 7 days a week? You want a secure automatic machine, allowing you to offer a non-stop service to drop off or pick up all orders & parcels in complete security? No more chore to get a parcel back on time, thanks to the Logimatiq Click and Collect system you have the power to choose when!

Fully scalable, your customers are alerted by SMS that their parcel is available in the vending machine, thanks to a unique code, they are able to come and pick it up at any time where you have installed your vending machine to offer them a quality service. Thanks to it, 100% of the deliveries are successful, your parcels are delivered directly by the carrier and your recipients are notified immediately and automatically of the arrival of their parcel.   

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Secure automatic key dispenser

Simplify the management of your staff's keys and key rings in your company by installing a 100% secure automatic key dispenser. Available 24/7, keep control with Keymat. Thanks to its powerful tracking software, each key is secured in a unique location. All entries and exits are controlled and users identified to keep a reliable traceability of all your keys.

Thanks to Logimatiq Système's automatic key dispenser, optimize and secure the keys of your establishment with your teams. Wherever you are, make all the keys necessary for your company's operation accessible or install it to manage your employees' keys...

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Officemat Bureautique

Automatic office supply dispenser

Optimize the management of your office supplies and reduce their consumption thanks to the office supplies dispenser OFFICE MAT from Logimatiq Système. Simplify the distribution of office supplies by allowing all your employees who have this right to access the contents of the dispenser (office or computer supplies). Thanks to a powerful management software, you will not only make savings on the consumption of all your office supplies, but you will also be able to rationalize the consumption by limiting the quantity of withdrawals for example or to prevent stock shortages thanks to alerts of low thresholds of replenishment.

Fully modular, the racks allow you to add additional columns to store your high volume products (toners, paper reams...). With a simple badge, the equipment remains accessible to all your employees 7 days a week and 24 hours a day in their work environment and will save everyone's time.... Logimatiq System dispensers are easy to use and robust. They can be configured according to the items available to employees in the OFFICE MAT machine. It is supplied with a powerful consumption & stock management software.

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Vetimat is a fully automatic machine for the collection and recording of clothing equipped with tags. The solution meets the needs of customers who have their own clothing registration system and lack a reliable reception control system, or who want to simplify the process and make it more convenient for users. Vêtimat is a kind of chute equipped with a computer, tag reader, and screen. Through Internet connection, it has access to the database and registry of clothing that is in circulation. The clothes fall into a standard cart located inside the machine to simplify the use of the machine. Vêtimat can accommodate from 250 to 350 pieces of clothing. Its dimensions are: width 95 cm, height 200 cm, depth 100 cm.

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